14 July 2015

The Global Business Sector of Mauritius: Time for a Paradigm Shift?

Over the last week, our lovely little island has become the stage of much debate – at times very acrimonious – on the future of our global business sector, commonly referred to as the ‘offshore’ sector, against the backdrop of the double taxation avoidance agreement between Mauritius and India (the “Mauritius-India DTAA”). 

Whilst I shall not purport to comment on the re-negotiated terms, if any, of the Mauritius-India DTAA pending the disclosure of any such amended terms, it is nonetheless worth mentioning, at this stage, that any unfavourable change in the capital gains tax position and the withholding tax position under the Mauritius-India DTAA will undoubtedly call for a paradigm shift in the dynamics of the Mauritian global business sector.

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