17 July 2015

Mauritius: Mauritian Diaspora Scheme + Hotel Classification System

Cabinet has taken note of the setting up of the Mauritian Diaspora Scheme, designed to attract members of the Mauritian diaspora back to Mauritius and encourage their participation in the economic development of the country as announced in 2015-2016 Budget Speech.  Any member of the Mauritian diaspora, that is, a citizen of Mauritius holding a valid Mauritian passport, or a child or grand child of that citizen, who has been living and working outside Mauritius, has the necessary skills, talent and experience, and is willing to return and serve Mauritius, would be eligible to apply for registration under the Scheme. 
Cabinet has agreed to the implementation of a Hotel Classification System in a bid to consolidate the tourism industry with well-defined criteria for operational standards as announced in Government Programme 2015-2019.  The Classification System has adopted a customer-centric approach purporting to reinforce the image of Mauritius as a reliable and upmarket destination. The main objectives of the System are to –
  1. facilitate the choice of potential guests;
  2. develop a service of high repute;
  3. ensure a sense of place experience and create an environment for total visitors’ satisfaction; and
  4. enhance customer satisfaction by providing adequate and accurate product information at the time of booking by the customer.

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