12 November 2015

Mauritius: FSC Policy Research Group (PRG) programme Phase 1 (2015/16)

The Financial Services Commission, Mauritius (FSC) is pleased to announce the launching of its Policy Research Group (PRG) programme. 

In this context, the FSC invites research proposals from interested and high calibre policy researchers or academics for Phase I of this new programme.

The PRG programme aims to foster research excellence and to publish extensive policy research studies with the view of inter-alia analysing the existing regulatory and non-bank financial market policies in Mauritius.


The broad objectives of the Policy Research Group are to:

  • undertake effective policy-oriented research supported by strong analytical and empirical formulations;
  • facilitate policy formulation as well as review the existing policies from an academic and substantive perspective. 

  • Phase I (2015/16)

    The research themes are:
    1. A study on the development of Mauritius as a mid-shore financial jurisdiction for the future.
    2. A survey analysis for the scopes of securitisation in Mauritius.
    3. A feasibility study for a social investment market in Mauritius.
    4. An assessment of the scopes for innovative and "peer-to-peer" financing in Mauritius.
    5. A study on the scopes and potentials of wealth management for private banking and investment banking in Mauritius.
    6. A feasibility study of a regional passport system for either raising of capital or for investment funds in Africa.
    7. An econometric study of an aggregate financial stability index for Mauritius.
    8. A quantitative study of systemic risks and stability of the insurance sector in Mauritius.
    9. A study on the development and application of 'credible deterrent' enforcement policies by a competent financial regulator/authority in Mauritius.
    10. A stakeholders' study for the revamp of the Protected Cell Companies' legislation in Mauritius.

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