08 November 2015

India - Mauritius: DTAA Renegotiation

Are we back to square one as far as renegotiation of the DTAA is concerned? One might be tempted to conclude that such is the case following the attendance by SAJ and his delegation at the gathering of African leaders at the New Delhi summit held last week. It transpires that PM Modi has acceded to SAJ's request that the renegotiation that was widely reported by local Senior Ministers, MBC and Government Information Service to have been successfully and satisfactorily concluded five months ago by our joint ministerial working groups, can and will be re-opened. 


Have we spent enough long-term effort to address the negative perceptions of Mauritius Inc and its low-tax financial jurisdiction (as significantly different from a tax-haven!) by higher rungs of the powerful Indian Administrative Services, more particularly the Finance, Interior, Defence and Foreign policy career top-guns? Are we considered really as an “all-weather” ally, that is, intimately aware of PM Modi's emerging strategic priorities for Indian foreign policy and economic development thrusts and their implications for us, beyond lip-service to traditional ties? Should we more generally reflect on how to gear up our strategic image building capacities overseas in a fiercely competitive world where other players will be too happy to transform our losses into their gain?

Mauritius Times

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