23 June 2015

Mauritius: Finance Minister discusses investment opportunities with French investors

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Mr Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo, is currently at the head of a delegation on a five-day investment promotion campaign in France.

During his mission, Minister Lutchmeenaraidoo, will have working sessions with political leaders as well as potential investors to promote and market the economic vision of the country as well as to seek the assistance and expertise of the French authorities to support priority development sectors in the Mauritian economy.

Among these sectors : the development of the Smart Cities project; the development of the Port Louis Harbour; the Information and Communication Technology sector and the Ocean economy.

The Minister had a meeting on June 22 with the Secretary of State for the Budget of France, Mr Christian Eckert, with whom he discussed and reviewed bilateral economic cooperation issues between the two countries. Moreover, the Mauritian delegation discussed the Smart Cities and Sustainable Cities concepts with potential French investors.

The signing of a Multilateral Convention on the exchange of Information with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development is also on the agenda. This instrument will further strengthen the position of Mauritius as a transparent international Financial Centre of good repute. 

Furthermore, the Board of Investment of Mauritius will open an antenna on the premises of the Mauritian Embassy in Paris to facilitate investment from France to Mauritius and vice-versa.

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