01 November 2016

Reimagine Holiday Joy With The Festive Collection From Nespresso

As the year-end celebrations approach, Nespresso is inviting coffee aficionados to reimagine holiday joy this festive season. Nespresso is launching three Limited Edition OriginalLine Variations and three Limited Edition VertuoLine Variations, which are inspired by rich Viennese coffee houses and traditional American holiday desserts respectively. 

Every holiday season, Nespresso creates eagerly anticipated holiday-inspired Limited Edition coffees to continually surprise and delight as well as deliver new sensory pleasures to some of the world's most discerning coffee lovers. Only the top one to two percent of the world's coffee supply meets the rigorous quality standards to become Nespresso Grands Crus. All Nespresso Grands Crus feature silky and generous crema – the sign of world-class coffee and unprecedented quality.


Over the centuries, Vienna has established a coffeehouse tradition like no other city in the world. Its grand marble tables, iconic Thonet chairs and tradition of serving coffee on an elegant silver platter alongside a glass of water have served as inspiration for the Nespresso OriginalLine Variations. Nespresso coffee experts have combined the splendor of Vienna with the taste of some of its most famous pastries to create three delicious OriginalLine Grands Crus using the permanent Livanto Grand Cru, a well-balanced espresso with roasted caramelized notes, as the ideal base. All three OriginalLine Variations have an intensity level of six on Nespresso's intensity scale of one to twelve.

Variations Sachertorte
Inspired by the popular Austrian Sachertorte, a glazed chocolate cake with a thin layer of sweet apricot jam, and best enjoyed as an Espresso, Variations Sachertorte combines the balance and roundness of Livanto with soft chocolate and apricot notes.

Variations Apfelstrudel
Variations Apfelstrudel is inspired by the classic layered puff pastry dessert, which contains a sweet apple filling delicately spiced with cinnamon. In this tempting Espresso, Livanto's balance and roundness is complemented with the rich aromas of pastry, baked apples and a hint of cinnamon.

Variations Linzer Torte
With this Grand Cru, Nespresso pays homage to the popular Austrian Linzer Torte: a tasty red fruit tart topped with a recognizable lattice design. This Espresso is a delightful marriage of Livanto's balance and roundness with the taste of red fruits and spiced dough notes.


Inspired by traditional American-style desserts and the roaming fireplaces, bright lights, and tempting smells of the holidays, Nespresso is introducing three Limited Edition VertuoLine Grands Crus which will transport the senses to the cozy and indulgent season. Each VertuoLine Variation is a smooth Arabica blend from Ethiopia, Central America, and South America and has an intensity level of five on Nespresso's intensity scale of one to twelve.

Variations Banana Bread
Delicate vanilla notes and sweet banana flavors unfold in this smooth blend for a delicacy inspired by banana bread. Adding milk to this large-cup coffee enhances the sweet banana notes and brings forward a caramel aroma.

Variations Pumpkin Spice Cake
A wide range of spice notes, including cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom combine with a sweet pumpkin flavor to create this Grand Cru inspired by pumpkin spice cake. With milk, the spice notes in this large-cup coffee soften for a sweeter, smoother coffee.

Variations Gingerbread
Spicy ginger notes are coupled with a cereal flavor for a gourmet blend inspired by gingerbread. With the addition of milk, the ginger flavors are even more magnified for a lovely large-cup coffee.

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