25 November 2016

Milan Meetarbhan: “Investors vote with their feet when governments act with total disregard for what is right and wrong”

* ‘A future government will need a lot of time to rebuild our institutions. But it will need to have the individuals in positions of leadership who have the competence, the commitment and the integrity to do so’

* Chagos: ‘A negotiated solution remains the preferred option’

Milan Meetarbhan, constitutional lawyer, who has had wide experience at the level of the Prime Minister’s Office, in the financial sector as head of the FSC and then as UN Ambassador for Mauritius, when he defended the Chagos dossier. In light of an apparent conflict of interest between the Executive and the President, he gives his views about the functions of the President according to our Constitution, arguing in favour of a needed constitutional reform that would take into consideration the changed circumstances in the polity. He also comments on the Chagos issue following the statement issued by the FCO.

Mauritius Times

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