18 January 2016

Mauritius: Presentation of the Port Louis Smart City Concept Plan

The Port Louis Smart City Concept plan project to the tune of some Rs 52 billion was presented to the press on 15th January in Port Louis in the presence of the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Mr Seetanah Lutchmeenaraidoo, the Minister of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport, Mr Nandcoomar Bodha, and the Minister of Local Government, Dr Anwar Husnoo.

The aim was to showcase the main highlights of the project which is part of the Urban Regeneration Scheme envisaged by Government in line with its vision to transform Mauritius into a smart island.

The Port Louis Smart City consists of a series of projects to be driven by both the private sector and the Government in meeting the objectives set to elevate Mauritius and place it on the world map, and solve the many issues in the cultural, urban, economical and societal fabric.

The key driver of the project are namely: Re-affirm Port-Louis’ Capital dimension; Re-connect with the sea; Connect the Heritage; Infuse Life; Tame mobility; Smart the City; and Celebrate the City.

Infrastructural work for the project will kick-start in 2016 spanning over a period of five years until 2021. Several places will be revamped with the Port Louis Smart City project under the above mentioned sub-categories.

The project which is expected to generate some 12 000 jobs by 2020, will also trigger several benefits such as: Boosting the economy - integrate the Port Expansion and new maritime activities; develop the tourism potential of the Capital; connect the City to the sea and enhance the seafront economic development potential; and unlock the development potential of Aapravasi Ghat Buffer zone and Chinatown.

In addition to creating a dynamic intelligent green city it will improve the quality of life of the inhabitants with the creation of some 8 000 residential units in the city while at the same alleviating the flow of traffic in Port Louis with the transfer of all administrative blocks to the Highlands City. The Hawkers issue will also be resolved with some 2 000 units to be allocated to them.

Another component of the project is the conversion of Port Louis into an internationally acclaimed cultural city for the promotion of a new leisure and cultural offer to both the Mauritian and tourist visitors. The aim is to showcase Port Louis as a model to be replicated to other towns and villages and to the African Continent.

By 2020, it is expected that the Port Louis Smart City Project will offer a new cache with the provision of an excellent framework for high quality of life, with proud citizens rooted in intelligent, human and safe environment, access to nature and favourable conditions to business.

It will be recalled that the concept of Smart Mauritius is to boost existing territories and create new cities.

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