12 February 2016

FSC Mauritius launches the Online Data Capture System (ODCS)

The FSC Mauritius launched the Online Data Capture System (ODCS) on 12 February 2016 at the FSC House in the presence of the Hon. Roshi Bhadain, Minister of Financial Services, Good Governance and Institutional Reforms, Information Technology, Communication and Innovations; Mr Dev Manraj, Chairperson of the FSC Mauritius; Board Members; the Acting Chief Executive, Mr P.K. Kuriachen and industry representatives.

Reliable and up-to date statistics are fundamental for decision making in an increasingly complex, interdependent and fast-evolving financial environment. Given the increasing data requirements in terms of frequency, coverage and timeliness, the FSC Mauritius has embarked on the implementation of an Online Data Capture System (ODCS). The ODCS is a platform which aims to ease financial data collection, compilation and analysis through online submissions in line with the commitment of FSC Mauritius to adhere to the best international statistical practices.

This system provides a secured and user-friendly platform for licensees to submit their respective data. Each licensee will be allocated with a login credential, and invited to attend technical sessions for more information on functions of the ODCS.

Mauritius, as a jurisdiction of substance, adheres to best statistical practices and standards. The FSC Mauritius contributes annually to the IMF Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS) exercise by collecting information from its licensees in the numerous surveys conducted throughout the year.

With a view to complementing potential data gaps for proper policy making, Mauritius has already expressed its interest to subscribe to the IMF SDDS Plus – an even higher data standard.

One direct implication for the licensees under the purview of the FSC Mauritius is the collection of Monetary and Financial Statistics (MFS) on a quarterly basis as from this year.

Financial Services Commission, Mauritius
12 February 2016

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