12 May 2021

NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins Coffee Capsules

Explore the new NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins range with coffees from around the world’s coffee belt. Espresso or Lungo? Nutty or fruity? Our farmers have something for everyone. Here’s to the origins that make your coffee taste better.

Ethiopian and Ugandan farmers carry the legacy of the world’s first coffee beans. These lands were born to grow coffee, and their passionate farmers are keen to do it justice. We give their coffees a strong roast in NESCAFÉ Africas – a sweet cup you won’t quickly forget, it’s bursting with wild berry notes.

3 Americas
Who are the three amigos behind NESCAFÉ Lungo 3 Americas? Costa Rican, Guatemalan and Nicaraguan farmers are the powerhouse behind this cup of goodness. They make the most of the high altitudes, rich soils and varied microclimates to deliver an incredible blend. Nuttiness meets a hint of smokiness in a long cup begging for adventure.

From the plains to the highlands, the smallholders to the vast plantations, the old hands to the new visionaries, Brazilian farmers know coffee. You’ll spot the sunshine and the soul in a cup of NESCAFÉ Lungo Brazil. This unbeatably smooth and balanced long cup glows with warming toasted cereal notes.

Farmers in Colombia's mountainous region are responsible for the exceptional coffee you get in NESCAFÉ Colombia Decaffeinato. It’s decaffeinated, and still this Arabica blend faithfully delivers the region’s classic fruity coffee character.

We love lush, tropical southern India – coffee, spices, and fruit trees all growing in harmony – and the farmers here tend to their crops and their land with dedicated care. You can taste the biodiversity in every sip of NESCAFÉ® Espresso India. It’s an epic blend of hand-picked coffees alive with cocoa and dark roasted notes.

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