14 September 2016

Mauritius: Launch of new African office to support Nixxis’ international growth

Nixxis is pleased to announce the opening of its new head office in Mauritius. Nixxis will use this new location to expand operations across the African and Asian regions, engage closer with customers and encourage businesses in these booming economies to adopt the best contact center solution in the market.

"Nixxis is the fastest growing and most innovative software company in the industry. Our new office in Mauritius will allow us to be more effective in responding to the needs of our African and Asian customers and their future requirements”, according to Nixxis CEO Luc F. Jacobs.

Having a remarkable experience working with African and Asian companies, Nixxis supports a great number of customers, including banks, insurance firms, telemarketing call centers, e-commerce enterprises and BPO’s. Nixxis is assisting local contact centers with innovative solutions allowing them to automate their business processes, build strong customer relations and meet growing customer demands.

Analyzing market trends which have signaled a strong requirement for Nixxis services, the management team made an informed decision to establish ourselves in this exciting new location. Nixxis’ Mauritius office will offer customers in the region with the latest contact center technology and effective training programs to support projects of any complexity”, explains Head of Professional Services, Nicolas Boussaroque. “What specifically sets Nixxis apart from other producers is that we always provide more efficient, competitive and industry aligned products to enable superior customer experience.

Operating in a fast paced environment, African and Asian companies look forward to improve operational excellence and their demand for underlying contact center solutions is stronger than ever. Taking into account the specific market characteristics, Nixxis delivers its Contact Suite v2.3 which is perfectly scalable for the regional contact centers' needs enabling them to significantly increase customer satisfaction.

Nixxis starts a new facility in Mauritius to encourage the region’s continued economic growth by providing new business opportunities. We will help our clients to implement ultimate business solutions that will make them competitive enough to stand out in the market. We are glad to offer top notch software allowing African and Asian contact centers to remain at the forefront of their industries”, stated Luc F. Jacobs.

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