29 July 2016

Mauritius: Budget Highlights 2016/17 - Financial Services - Impact

  1. GBC 2 will now have greater scope of operations and such initiative will give a boost to our capital markets
  2. Provision of 8-year tax holidays to ‘Global Headquarters Administration’ will enhance the use of the Mauritius platform for regional and global investments and increase substance in the country. Such a measure will help to attract a number of big regional companies from various sectors of activities to use the Mauritius platform for their RHQ
  3. The introduction of a 5-year tax holiday in specific financial activities will attract value added activities to the portfolio of financial services and enlarge employment opportunities.
  4. Setting up of a ‘Mauritius International Derivatives & Commodities Exchange’ (MINDEX) will boost links between commodities and finance, and make the commodity sector more efficient and competitive.
  5. Developing Mauritius as a Renminbi  hub for Africa would further strengthen positioning of Mauritius as an international financial centre, especially in capturing the trade, investment and financial flows between Africa and Asia.

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