03 June 2016

Mauritius: Civil Aviation (Amendment) Regulations

The Civil Aviation (Amendment) Regulations regulate the operation of Remotely Piloted Aircrafts and Remotely Piloted Surveillance Aircrafts, commonly known as Drones, to ensure the safety and privacy of the public and keep our airspace safe.  The regulations, among others, underline the following requirements -

(a) the operation of a Remotely Piloted Aircraft must not endanger anyone or anything;

(b) no individual shall cause or permit any vehicle or animal to be dropped from a Remotely Piloted Aircraft;

(c) no operation will be carried out unless the individual flying a Remotely Piloted Aircraft  is satisfied that the flight may be safely made;

(d) the operation should be within the visual line of sight of the operator to avoid collision with other aircrafts, individuals, vehicles, walls and structures;

(e) the flying height will be up to a maximum of 400 feet above ground level, unless authorised otherwise by the Director of Civil Aviation;

(f) the permission of the Director of Civil Aviation will be needed to fly a Remotely Piloted Aircraft in Class A, C, D or E airspaces as notified in   the Aeronautical Information Publication; and

(g) the permission of the Air Traffic Control Unit will be needed to fly a  Remotely Piloted Aircraft within an aerodrome traffic zone during notified hours.

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