20 August 2015

Mauritius: Government is committed to set the country’s economy on a path of higher and sustained growth, says PM

We are at a challenging juncture in our country’s history. The Nation will judge us not by what we say at this moment, but by what we are doing to lift the lives of our countrymen and women. It will judge us by the legacy we leave behind for generations to come.

This statement was made yesterday by the Prime Minister, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, on the occasion of the Ground Breaking Ceremony of  Mont Choisy Real Estate and Golf Projects at Mon Choisy.

The Prime Minister highlighted that he wants the Parc de Mont Choisy project be developed in an inclusive manner that would integrate the local population and catalyse growth in the other sectors, including financial services, legal services, industry development and social enterprises, amongst others.

Prime Minister Jugnauth appealed to the promoters to devote a substantial amount of their investment for social programmes for the people living in this region and see to it that these are spent in training facilities, social amenities, community development, social housing and poverty alleviation. He added that they should also make special efforts at outsourcing to local SMEs.

The Prime Minister highlighted that the Government is aware that it has a small window to do what is necessary and what is right to put the country back on a path of sustainable development and prosperity.  He stressed that by accelerating and facilitating private sector investment projects, Government is seeking to set the country’s economy on a path of higher and sustained growth and employment.

He added that this measures will allow to create sustainable, fulfilling jobs, particularly for our youth, to steer away those living in poverty and will help to build resilience, so that we can bounce back faster from future economic and natural shocks.

Sir Anerood Jugnauth underlined that in essence, this is what the Government is going to do through the “High Powered Committee on Achieving the Second Economic Miracle and Vision 2030”, which will be officially launch on August 22, is simply to plan for tomorrow, by making adjustments today and routing our way for sustained economic growth for the next two decades.  He added that in so doing, Government will never deviate from its philosophy of focusing on people centered development.

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